DJ Carbonel returns to Resistanz!

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DJ announcement number 20. Co-founder of RevolutioN, the Corporation’s monthly electro industrial night, that went on to spawn Resistanz Festival. Making it 6 for 6 with a set at R2016, here’s Carbonel!
Once more unto the decks dear friends, once more; and close the set out with some Faderhead.

Now I know a club where the vodka flows – where Hell is empty, and all the devils are here.

So Friends, Rivetheads, Electroheads, lend me your ears.. Neither an elitist nor a scenester be, but this above all: to thine own setlist be true. Then cry havoc, and let slip the dancefloor of war (and I would my horse had the speed of this Ultraviolence track).

To beatmatch, or not to beatmatch: that is the question, for some are born DJs, some achieve DJness, and some have DJness thrust upon them.. But all the world’s a stage, and all the bands and DJs merely players.

And so, the wheel is come full circle. Good night sweet Resistanz, good night – parting is such sweet sorrow, that we’ll play VNV til it be morrow.

Give us your hands, if we be friends, and Carbonel shall restore amends.