DJ ad3k

With AnalogueTrash once again hosting (for the second year running), the official Resistanz Festival Friday night after party, this DJ announcement will come as little surprise. We here at ‘Tanz HQ have a lot of respect and admiration for this guy and the amount of work he does for a simple (and likewise) love of music. Give it up for ad3k!

As co-owner and DJ/ VJ at Manchester’s AnalogueTrash label and events brand, ad3k has played music at people in the UK, France, Denmark and Germany with highlights including Le Klub, Amphi Festival (2011 & 2012), Resistanz Festival (2013 & 2015), Slimelight, Ritual Noise and many more alternative, fetish and dance music events in the North West of England and beyond.

An avid fan of an absolute ton of electronic genres and styles, an ad3k DJ set rarely stays in one place for very long. Expect an eclectic, high-energy and hard-hitting mix of new and classic futurepop, electro, trance, hard dance, industrial and more, seamlessly fused together for the sole purpose of making you lovely people dance.

DJ Carbonel

DJ announcement number 20. Co-founder of RevolutioN, the Corporation’s monthly electro industrial night, that went on to spawn Resistanz Festival. Making it 6 for 6 with a set at R2016, here’s Carbonel!
Once more unto the decks dear friends, once more; and close the set out with some Faderhead.

Now I know a club where the vodka flows – where Hell is empty, and all the devils are here.

So Friends, Rivetheads, Electroheads, lend me your ears.. Neither an elitist nor a scenester be, but this above all: to thine own setlist be true. Then cry havoc, and let slip the dancefloor of war (and I would my horse had the speed of this Ultraviolence track).

To beatmatch, or not to beatmatch: that is the question, for some are born DJs, some achieve DJness, and some have DJness thrust upon them.. But all the world’s a stage, and all the bands and DJs merely players.

And so, the wheel is come full circle. Good night sweet Resistanz, good night – parting is such sweet sorrow, that we’ll play VNV til it be morrow.

Give us your hands, if we be friends, and Carbonel shall restore amends.


DJ DeadDancer

DJ DeadDancer is internationally known for dropping only the sickest beats and dirtiest bass frequencies, from tearing up shows at Resistanz, Elektrofied, AnalogueTrash in the UK, to Bassturbation in Belgium. DnB / EDM and Trance beats have never sounded so dangerous when DJ DeadDancer steps behind the decks…

He’s been known to rock a few shows too – Also holding resident slots at Sonisphere Festival, Metal Hammer and a ton of nightclubs all over the midlands, DJ DeadDancer has an onslaught of rock and distorted riffs to keep the Heavy Metal fans worldwide happy too!

This time, Resistanz fans get a overloaded Drum n Bass set, it’s going to be fun, hard and messy. He’ll see you on the floor – !


DJ Digital Chaos

In the time Digital Chaos has been a purveyor of the harder styles he has rocked some of the best nights around including Sinistry, D.H.F, Nerd Night, Tsunami, The Wave, H.D.S, Church of the Darkside and regularly appears with his brother in arms Pete Untitled taking their side project Untitled Chaos across Europe playing line ups along side the likes of Organ Donors and Lab4 and many others…
Alongside all this he is also a resident with Annihilation events releasing a podcast once a month that regularly charts among some of the best and delivering audio filth right into your home…. For Resistanz you can expect the same chaotic style he has become well known for, tearing apart dance floors with soaring melodies and a bass that would make your Grandma show us her bass face.


DJ Dräcos

Dräcos began DJing industrial clubs in Boston in the 90’s before relocating to New York City around the turn of the century. There he held DJ residencies at numerous clubs around the city for some of NYC’s most notorious industrial and fetish parties. Mixing harsh electro with schranz, hardstyle, and hardcore, Dräcos kept his sets unique by producing his own remixes which later led to his involvement in Bruderschaft and FGFC820. With that growing recognition, Dräcos began DJing more cities around North America, from Tampa to Tijuana, as well as DJing events over in places like Spain, Belgium, and Germany.

These days Dräcos spends more time in the studio than behind the decks, and he has produced countless remixes for various artists and labels as FGFC820 as well as under his own aliases, so expect that he’ll be including some unreleased mashups and remixes as part of his Resistanz afterparty set.


Raising roofs and ripping up floors, this guy is responsible for those two acts, both as DJ and also with Memmaker at more than one of the previous editions of Resistanz Festival. 2016, he’s back once again to test the very foundations Corporation stands on.

DJ FFWD>>, aka: Tim Van Neer, aka: that cute bald guy from Memmaker, was a teenager during the 90’s, which has left a permanent mark on him and his taste in music. Born in the center of Europe (Belgium), he grew up between the Grunge and the Gabber, the Metal and the Eurocheese. Tim started DJ’ing as soon as …

Blah Blah Blah … OK! Let’s keep this short: We’re going to do this one more time! The LAST time! If you remember last year, I promise you all, that was nothing compared to what is to come… Be prepared and stay hydrated !!!

DJ Kohl

The year was 2008… After years of heading to industrial clubs, underground parties, raves and gigs, Kohl started DJing and became one of the residents/event organisers, and creative director of the underground dance event ‘Sinistry’ in London, which runs over two floors at Electrowerkz (home of London’s longest running industrial club ‘Slimelight’)

Having played at Industrial, Fetish and Hard dance parties across the UK and around Europe over the last few years, he heads into 2016 following appearances at DOWNLOAD FESTIVAL, RESISTANZ, XSTATIC Festival and SEXHIBITION in 2015.

You can’t miss Kohl. An unforgettable stage presence, and an eclectic music style, pulling from industrial, EBM, techno, electro, dance, metal and beyond. You’ll find him at the AnalogueTrash After Party, passionate, energised and bringing a refreshing combination of new / old / mashups and darker side of dance music to stomp your hearts out to!

DJ Andy McBain

Back on the decks at the ‘tanz afterparties for the 3rd year running – CYFERDYNE’s resident producer/knob twiddler Andy McBain joins the analoguetrash team once again to bring you only the finest in relentless, floorfilling oontz!

With just shy of a decade’s experience DJing the alternative scene in the north, Andy put Lancaster firmly on the UK Industrial map with the legendary Ritual Noise club night – co-founded with DJ SonofSam. As well as playing the latest and greatest in Industrial, EBM and Futurepop – the duo brought the sounds of Hard Dance, Hardstyle and Dutch Hardcore to the unsuspecting dancefloor – and there was much rejoicing.

The Ritual Noise club night folded as a monthly event at the beginning of 2014 – but the spirit lives on in Andy’s solo DJ sets – where you can expect only the best high energy, no-nonsense four-to-the-floor beats – and who knows, maybe some choice cuts from CYFERDYNE’s upcoming 3rd album…

Bring the noise!!!

DJ Megatherion

Another overseas based DJ joins us for one last ‘tanz, droppin some rhythm n’ noise on the second stage!

Jan’s heart beats for the beats…since many years he spins under his DJ name Megatherion at industrial and goth parties all over Europe. His fascination for music awoke in his young years when he discovered his parents’ records and turntables….in the coming years he experimented with them and many instruments to finally discover his passion for singing and synthesizers, ending in a classical vocal education, engagements in musicals and with jazz and metal combos all over Europe until he discovered the darker music styles…he founded the band Lost Area as a futurepop project and shared stages with acts like Cruxshadows,Samsas Traum et others…after that he became l’enfant terrible of industrial music YADE and drummer of Jesus and the Gurus. With his other DJ pseudonym Niskala he plays Psy and Prog Psy at various events in- and outdoors. For Resistanz he will perform a special Rhythm’n’Noise and Industrial set which will make any noisebastard’s heart jump!

DJ Mel-Low D

At the age of 30 Mel-Low D is no stranger to music. She began toying with here dad’s record collection from an early age and her childhood was full of music in and around the family home. At the age of 12 Mel had decided that she wanted to make music and she became a classically trained musician. She discovered dance music at an early age, and from the age of 12 she was going to raves. She would also listen to live DJ mixes on the radio she was a fan of many including Carl Cox, Paul Oakenfold, Sasha, Judge Jules, Grooverider, Paul Van dyk and Norman Cook.
In 2002 when Mel was 17 she decided that she would go into the clubbing industry and follow her passion for music to become a DJ, Having many friends already in this field Mel tagged along to gigs and would often take over to gain experience. She loved the buzz and knew this is what she wanted to do. Mel has become a successful and well known DJ in the last few years. She has played for many club nights including Illuminaughty, Dirtyfunk, Resitanz, and Xstatic just to name a few. Mel-Low D is an immensely talented DJ with incredible crowd reading, set building and track selection skills, whose energy behind the decks and passion for the music is just a joy to witness.

DJ Misfit

DJ Misfit’s journey into dirty beats started 20 years ago after getting hooked on the underground sounds coming from some of the best alternative night clubs that Johannesburg had to offer. He then went on to DJ at events such as PSI-Co, Mushroom Mafia and Lunatech, playing dark psytrance to unsuspecting masses. Unafraid to cross various music styles into his mixes, you can often find him playing anything from hard techno, hard dance, trance, industrial or anything that has a stomping beat and a melodic electronic sound.
His philosophy is why stick to one genre when there’s a whole world of music to explore. Since moving to the UK you would have been able to find him playing at nights like Cybernetics, Gravity, Overdrive, Shock Therapy, Analogue Trash and of course the longest running club night on the planet, Slimelight.
Now looking forward to adding Resistanz to that list, so let’s bring on the noise.

DJ Noise Excrement

Noise Excrement has been playing venues for the past 7 years, playing many different genres of a hard variety, making a name for himself playing at Subtitle, warehouse parties, raves and festivals around the UK.

Now days recognised for playing Happy/UK Hardcore/hardcore/Gabber with Chuffin Noise Sound System/Records who right now are making big movements in the underground scene.

Resistanz 2016…GABBA GABBA HEY!



DJ Pete Untitled

Rising from the depths of London’s fetish cyber scene he is the master of futuristic hard dance. Pete Untitled is the resident DJ of Cyberdog’s mothership shop in Camden Town, London – one of the universe’s leading cyber, fetish clubbing and rave-wear brands.

Spinning Hard Dance, Industrial, Psy-Trance and Hard-Trance Pete Untitled will carry you into the futuristic hi-tech world of Cyberdog. Delivering a sound that he defines as peace love and light he is aiming to help heal the world through the ancient art of music and dance.

Outside of spinning regularly at Cyberdog, Pete Untitled regularly Headlines British raves such as TSUNAMI party, UNIVERSAL GROOVY, Elements and German festivals such as Noir Paradox Festival. With bookings outside of the UK in France, Belgium, Germany and The Netherlands he had played side by side with legends as Ace Ventura, Astrix, John ’00’ Fleming and Alex Di Stefano.


DJ PinkFoamy

I am PinkFoamy. I am the two decks, the kick and the bassline. I am the ticket to the world of cotton candy and Scaramouche. For almost 10 years I have been on a journey of sound through Vienna, Austria and Europe.

I was resident DJ of Club Pi (Vienna), the force behind Schwarzflug, foster child of Thomas Rainer (L’Âme Immortelle, Nachtmahr) and founding member of Vienna’s Straftanz Events (Cabaret Fledermaus, Viper Room).

While bringing the right bands and people to Vienna I am also the city’s permanent representative at Sheffield’s Resistanz Festival. I believe in love and music. there are no borders, no scenes, no genres. The bass will be our heartbeat!

Free your mind, I will free your soul!

DJ Josh Rombout

The driving force behind the cyberpunk music project SIRUS, Rombout has shared the stage with scene heavyweights such as Combichrist, 3Teeth, Hocico, Grendel and Aesthetic Perfection to name just a few. As a DJ, Josh brings a mixture of current Electro-Industrial sounds along with the dark hybrid EDM styles that are the unique trademark of his own musical foray.

Along with live performances, Rombout has spent plenty of time behind the Decks, as a supporting DJ act for artists such as Nachtmahr, Angelspit, Snog, and BAAL- as well as being a resident deck hound at Melbourne’s once legendary Cabaret Nocturne nightclub.

With his ongoing preoccupation with alternative bass music, Rombout’s club sets currently take heavy influence from the sounds of Electro House, Drum & Bass, Neurofunk and even Progressive Metal. Shying away from the big Hard Dance leads that are the staple of recent scene influence, Josh’s repertoire may leave punters in a much grimier place than they expected.

DJ Thormann

In the beginning there was hell – Hellradio! We go back to the year 1997 – the year Thormann was born!
The clubs were formless and empty, darkness was over the surface of the dancefloors and the spirit of industrial was hovering over Vienna. And Thormann said, “Let there be music”, and there was music for all the scene venues in Vienna (Megiddo, Avantgarde, Club Pi, Graffiti). Thormann saw the dancing crowd and it was good. And thus he started his own events in 2003.

The years went by and people changed – even DJs changed. Thormann fell in love with techno. The dark side of techno. Then he said “Let there be more techno”, and there was more techno.
Now he performs as a resident of “Spontan Techno – Crew” in front of thousands of dancing bass lovers – and it is good. Thormann will bring his unique sound to this year’s Resistanz Festival and you will witness – it will be good.


DJ Totentanz

Official Facebook:

Joining the AnalogueTrash team as special guest for the official Resistanz 2016 Friday afterparty, a welcome return to these shores for DJ Totentanz!

It has been said that the dance of death is a celebration of life to those who know the steps. On the eve of the final Resistanz, TOTENTANZ will return to the decks to lead Corporation in a sonic ritual worthy of sending the festival off in the blaze of glory it deserves.

DJing Professionally since 2000, TOTENTANZ has appeared at top clubs and festivals throughout North America and Europe. With a dancefloor-focused signature style that fuses energetic Hard Dance with a Multi-Genre take on Dark Music, TOTENTANZ believes that boundaries were meant to be smashed and strict adherence to genre is outright boring.

Those who were present for her first appearance in 2012, know that TOTENTANZ is nothing short of relentless and it goes without saying that she will be doing everything in her power to craft an even more memorable experience that’s sure to be talked about for years to come. Above all, she is deeply honored to return to the ranks of Resistanz and to be a part of its unforgettable legacy.

DJ Virul3nt

Pete is most known for being the frontman of Australian electro-industrial act SHIV-R, who have released 3 albums and 3 EPs on Germany’s Infacted Recordings since 2010, reached #1 on the DAC (German Alternative Charts) and toured globally including shows at Wave Gotik Treffen (DE), Kinetik Festival (CA), Infest (UK) and Das Bunker (US). Pete and his bandmate Ben Bulig also run the record label/production house “Blind Mice Productions”, releasing artists such as Amelia Arsenic and Benjamin’s Plague.

As a DJ, Virul3nt has been spinning for over 10 years, from Slimelight, London, to Q-Dance Defqon in Sydney. Expect an exploration of the space between bass-heavy electro and high-energy industrial, with a passion for breaking the latest sounds.

DJ Virul3nt will be joined by Pink Foamy and Josh Rombout on the decks for the official Resistanz Saturday night afterparty.