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Take It To The Limit

Michael Glover, arts critic for The Independent, said "'Take It To The Limit' is an absolute roller coaster of a ride through the late seventies punk era and Sheffield's synth dominance that followed. It chronicles landmark gigs but also the backstage arguments and the emergence of highly lucrative club nights that became the mainstay of Steel City's legendary Limit venue."

Signing On For The Devil

It was desperate times for Sheffield and the wider South Yorkshire region in the 1980s. Deep recession had thrown tens of thousands on the dole and its traditional steel industry lay in ruins. But far from accepting its plight, it became a UK leader in the New Wave of British Heavy Metal and this is the story featuring bands spanning Def Leppard to Bring Me The Horizon and even has a chapter on Corporation.

Shopaholics Guide To 1970's Sheffield

Sheffield rightly crowned itself 'Shopping Centre of the North' in the seventies. It was home to every conceivable type of shop - from resplendent department stores like Walshs, Pauldens, Cockaynes and Redgates toy shop and had Christmas illuminations to rival Blackpool. Sheffield offered a shopping experience like nowhere else in the land and the book is packed with rare photos and memoirs from the people who helped make it such a celebrated era.

Sheffield’s Date With Hitler

This is one of the most comprehensive books ever written about those two dark nights in December 1940 when the Sheffield people stood defiant against Hitler in the face of unspeakable death and destruction. “‘Sheffield’s date with Hitler’ is likely to be the last time we’ll hear first hand from the survivors of those awful times 70 years ago”, Fiona Firth, The Star.

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