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  Ticket Collection:

Box Office collections at door open time on day of show.  Door times are listed on the main page next to each show.

  In-Store Ticket Agents:

SHEFFIELD:- Rocky Horrors - The Alternative Store SIV Tickets - Record Junkee

ROTHERHAM:- Mesmerize 

LEEDS:-   Jumbo Records 

NOTTINGHAM:- Void Clothing

Club Night Tickets:

Tickets for our weekly & monthly club nights/events can be bought in person from the following Sheffield outlets:

MMONDAY CORP Q JUMP:- The Cavendish  - Dove & Rainbow - Frog & Parrot - The Globe

SKOOL DISCO Q JUMP: - The Cavendish

DROP Q JUMP:- The Cavendish  - Dove & Rainbow - Frog & Parrot  - The Globe

SATELLITE Q JUMP:- The Cavendish - Frog & Parrot - Dove & Rainbow

Online Ticket Agents:

Click 'Buy Now' on the main page to buy direct, or visit our partners:

seetickets.com - SIV Tickets

Refunds and Cancellations:


All issues regarding ticket sales should be resolved with the vendor at point of purchase.

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